An auto accident victim who was represented by Santa Barbara personal injury attorney Bradford D. Brown was awarded the largest personal injury verdict in the County for 2014. The jury awarded Brad Brown’s client over $500,000 for damages from her auto accident.

The case of Reese vs. Mingramm was filed on August 30, 2011. The Plaintiff (represented by Brown) and Defendant were in a T-Bone collision in an intersection in Santa Barbara. The Plaintiff sustained injuries, the Defendant denied liability until the day of trial.

On September 30, 2014, the jury awarded the Bradford Brown’s client a total of $538,000 (past medical specials of $30,000.00 (12-0), future medical specials of $38,000.00 (12-0), past general damages of $90,000.00 (11-1), and future general damages of $380,000.00 (9-3). The Plaintiff’s counsel notes (see page 27 of Santa Barbara Lawyer, the Official Publication of the Santa Barbara County Bar Association) explained that this was the largest personal injury verdict in Santa Barbara County in 2014.

Allstate was the insurer – the most money they ever offered was $24,500.00. The verdict was 22 times higher than the offer. 

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