The definition of personal “injury” refers to a harm suffered which might include physical or emotional pain, damage to reputation or dignity, loss of a legal right, breach of contract, or damage to real or personal property. Many types of damage can be considered personal injury, no matter how minor they might seem at first.

And legal harm is not the same as physical harm. A slip-and-fall injury is an example of physical harm, but if you do not require a doctor and the injury doesn’t limit your ability to work, you might not have legal grounds to seek compensation. Yet, if you require medical attention and are unable to work, there may be legal harm since the injury resulted in actual costs and loss of wages.

How do you know your rights? Contact Santa Barbara Injury Attorney Bradford D. Brown to help you wade through the laws and legalese, to determine whether you have a valid personal injury case. Medical expenses, property damage, emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of companionship, wages, lost future earnings, the recovery of other costs and attorney fees … these are some of the areas you can be compensated for in a successful personal injury suit.

It’s important to note that in the United States, a personal injury case can boil down to whether an individual or company accidentally caused harm, by failure to use reasonable care; or whether they committed a negligent or reckless action. “Reasonable care” is determined on a case-by-case basis, and having a good attorney will increase your chances of a decision in your favor.

Given the complexity of legal issues, terminology, statutes of limitations and timing – a reliable, knowledgeable attorney with an excellent track record is a must. And since many personal injury claims never make it to a courtroom, you’ll want the most qualified attorney at your side during arbitration: when your settlement is being negotiated.

Do you have a case? Is your statute of limitations ticking? Don’t miss your window of opportunity to get what is rightfully yours.

Santa Barbara Personal Injury Attorney Bradford D. Brown is committed to seeing you get a fair shot at justice; that you’re treated with respect; and compensated fairly. He represents personal injury cases across California.

When resolving a personal injury claim there is only one goal: restitution. “To be made whole in the eyes of the law.” Contact Mr. Brown now for a free consultation to discuss the circumstances of your accident, the options available to you, and how to best handle your case in a timely and satisfactory manner.