$3.2 Million Settlement Car Accident Victim Ventura, California

I had a 21-year old client who came to me after a devastating accident. She was in her pickup truck, crossing the State Route 126, coming out of a driveway going 9 to 11 mph. While crossing, she was struck by a Ventura deputy traveling at 96 mph. The deputy, however, claimed he was only going 55 mph.

Our Santa Barbara injury law firm diligently investigated the car accident case to fight for our client’s rights. We were able to download the black box information that was attached to the police cruiser. This showed proof that the Ventura deputy was driving at 96 mph during the collision. In 2012, we were able to get a $3.2 million verdict for the victim, who had permanent neurological injuries due to the car crash.

Helping people is what we do. We’re grateful we were able to give this young woman and other clients we serve the representation needed to help get back on their feet.

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